Event Calendar

Events are held at the Jackson Street Roundhouse on the second Thursday of every  month from October through May, and start at 7:00 pm. The Twin Cities Division participates in events around the area. For current updates visit our Facebook page or send us a message using the Contact Us feature.

Twin Cities Division of the NMRA is a 501c3 educational organization.  In addition to our regular meetings, the Division conducts Clinics that educate the community on the history of railroads and enjoying the hobby of model railroading.  Monthly contests are held where participants can show off models and projects in the area of interest.

Month Clinic Contest
13 Oct 2016 Summer Show & Tell Summer project
10 Nov 2016 Newport Club (in Newport, MN) Open Loads
8 Dec 2016 Auction Live & Silent Winter scene
12 Jan 2017 Clinic TBD Steam Era Boxcar
9 Feb 2017 Golden Spike/Achievement Livestock & Handling
3&4 Mar 2017 3rd ANNUAL MODELER’S RETREAT More Info Here
9 Mar 2017 Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum (at new location, 668 Transfer Road #8, St. Paul, MN 55114) Produce Handling
13 Apr 2017 Clinic TBD Diorama
11 May 2017 Twin Cities Annual Meeting: Business and Election of Officers Maintenance of Way

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