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hobbyThere’s no hobby like model railroading. From benchwork to finished layout, a model railroader gets the chance to be a carpenter, electrician, gandy dancer, civil planner, artist, historian, dispatcher, and engineer… sometimes all in one evening!

But no one can be an expert in all those areas and there are times when you need one-on-one advice, when you’d like to discuss a problem, when you’d like to learn a technique, or when you’d like the inspiration that only comes from seeing other layouts in the flesh.

That’s exactly why the Twin Cities Division (TCD) of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is in existence— to help model railroaders like you meet others in the hobby who share your same interests.

TCD is a 501c3 educational organization.  In addition to our regular meetings, the Division conducts Clinics that educate the community on the history of railroads and enjoying the hobby of model railroading.  Monthly contests are held where participants can show off models and projects in the area of interest.

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If you are already an NMRA member, you automatically belong to the Twin Cities Division (TCD), so come see us at the Jackson Street Roundhouse in St Paul, Minnesota.

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